Alzheimer's Care in Eastpointe
Communal living environments such as a residential facility are one of the best options for Alzheimer’s patients. Those with Alzheimer’s have unique care needs, which can be a challenge to meet. It can be a challenge to a lot of caregivers who are trying to juggle other things in their life such as their career and family. You won’t have to face this challenge alone as there is help available. Allegria Village offers Alzheimer’s Care in Eastpointe. Specializing in senior care, we can help and take over common tasks such as companionship, caretaking, administering medication, and so much more.

We Offer a Variety of Services

Depending on the severity of the Alzheimer’s can also depend on the services available. Patients with early stages or mild Alzheimer’s can be living in an assisted living facility. These facilities at Allegria Village include weekly housekeeping, gourmet meals that are specially made for the resident, social activities, outdoor activities, and a great sense of safety. The Assisted Living program at Allegria Village focuses on allowing the resident to have the control and freedom that they wish while receiving the comforts and safety of a home.

There are special services for Alzheimer’s Care in Eastpointe as well. Allegria Village offers support services for residents who have later stages of Alzheimer’s. This included personalized support plans which include emotional needs, medication monitoring, and stimulating activities. You can expect highly skilled nurses and doctors in the on-site medical center.

Comprehensive Care

Allegria Village offers an on-site medical center with 20 physicians and specialists who are available. All the nurses are also highly skilled and compassionate about the work that they do. Healthcare coverage is always the main priority, and we understand that. This is why we offer tailored-made care plans that are all personalized for each resident. We offer 24-hour nursing care 7 days a week by our dedicated healthcare professionals. Special pricing is available for both short-term and trial stays to see how you enjoy it.


Having a safe and well-protected community is essential for a senior living facility. Every client has the utmost care and comfort while all their needs can be easily accessible in the home. Alzheimer’s patients have a lot of physical needs that need to be kept in mind which is why safety needs to be taken into account. The on-site medical center is always opened 24 hours a day, where nurses and specialists can easily be reached.

These healthcare professionals provide residents with all their needs while putting care at the heart of it all. This safety also includes Allegria Village being kept in a gated community surrounded by 35 acres of land. On-site security is always present, and they’re well trained. You can have peace of mind knowing that all the residents here are living comfortably.

Stimulating Activities

It’s important to know that all Alzheimer’s patients need to have mental stimulating activities to help slow down the process of Alzheimer’s Disease. Allegria Village includes an array of fun and stimulating activities to help residents. Pools, fitness center, golf, and walking trails throughout the campus.

Alzheimer’s Care in Eastpointe