Choosing where to place your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease can be overwhelming. You’ll want to find a reputable facility known for offering quality care, and you’ll also want to find an organization with a solid reputation in the community. Allegria Village is known throughout Haycroft as the leading senior living community.

Many of our residents have had great success in receiving treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-related conditions.

If you have been researching the best places for Alzheimer’s care in Haycroft and the surrounding areas, you probably know that there are a few different facilities to choose from. While it’s always convenient to select the closest facility, you should also consider other factors when making your decision. If you or a loved one requires Alzheimer’s care in Haycroft, we think you’ll be pleased to know why Allegria Village is the place to be.

We Have Experience in Managing Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s disease is not something that just anyone can manage. It requires specialized knowledge and training, which we have acquired over many years.

Our staff is well-trained and highly qualified to deal with Alzheimer’s patients daily.

Offering the Best in Alzheimer Care Services

We provide full cognitive stimulation therapy (CST), including goal-oriented and recreational activities.  Our services also include counseling and support groups for caregivers.

Additionally, we provide pet therapy, music therapy, massage therapy, and hydrotherapy to help stimulate the brain and promote learning. Our goal is to keep our residents as active as possible so they don’t get bored or frustrated with their inability to perform normal activities independently.

Allegria Offers Comprehensive Treatment Programs

We understand that each patient with Alzheimer’s disease has unique needs and challenges.

In our experience, offering a comprehensive treatment program is more effective than having one cookie-cutter approach. Our patients benefit from various therapies and activities that help them maintain their independence as much as possible while still receiving sufficient care.

A Serene Environment In South East Michigan

Allegria Village is located on a beautiful, 10-acre campus with private gardens and walking paths.

Our residents love the peace of their surroundings and the beauty of the landscaping. They feel like they’re in their private oasis rather than a traditional medical facility.

The Staff at Allegria Village Specializes in Alzheimer’s Care

At Allegria Village, our staff specializes in Alzheimer’s care. We have extensive training and experience working with Alzheimer’s patients, so we know how to provide the best possible care for your loved one.

An Innovative Approach to Treatment

At Allegria Village, we take an innovative approach to treating dementia and Alzheimers, focusing on our residents’ strengths instead of their weaknesses.

We help them work towards their goals, whether writing another book or starting a new artistic project, and treat their feelings of frustration not as signs of dementia but as opportunities for growth and creativity.

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Allegria Village is a full-service retirement community that has been proudly serving the Haycroft area for over 25 years.

Our professional, caring staff has decades of experience helping seniors live their best lives while providing tailored, in-home care.

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