Alzheimer’s Care in Hubbard-Richard

If your loved one needs an Alzheimer’s Care facility in Hubbard-Richard then Allegria Village could be right for them. We understand that caring for your loved one, whether it be your partner, parent, or grandparent, can be very difficult, especially when they have Alzheimer’s.

Communal living environments are excellent for Alzheimer’s patients, as these offer a variety of residential living facilities.

It’s so important that needs are met, and Alzheimer’s patients have unique care needs.

Allegria Care Services Focused On Creating A Thriving Senior Community

Allegria Village is here, so you won’t need to face the challenge alone of having to care for your loved one.

We specialize in senior care. This includes giving your loved one the companionship they need, caretaking, and even taking over the smallest of tasks for them. Continue reading to learn more about what we can do for you and your loved one.

Comprehensive Care for All Patients

We know how important healthcare is for seniors. The golden years are a time where health declines. We have an on-site medical center with more than 20 doctors which includes specialists and physicians that meet all the needs of Alzheimer’s residents.

This Alzheimer’s care facility in Hubbard-Richard has highly skilled and professional nurses as well are well trained to deal with Alzheimer’s residents.

Get Personalized Support From The Allegria Village Care Team

You can expect that healthcare and comfort are the two main priorities here. Each resident, regardless of their health and condition, receives their own tailored-made care plan that is completely personalized to them. Both the medical facility and the nursing care are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and this includes holidays as well. Whether you’re wanting long-term, short-term, or even just a trial stay to test out the waters, we can offer all of that.

Fun Activities

There are a variety of fun-filled activities at Allergia Village. This is something that an Alzheimer’s care facility in Hubbard-Richard should have. Anyone with Alzheimer’s regardless of what stage they’re on, needs to have mental stimulating activities. These sorts of activities are going to help with slowing down the process of Alzheimer’s Disease.

We have plenty of fun activities that are going to help residents stimulate their minds and body. This includes our fitness center which has a pool, puzzles, tabletop games, a variety of trails for walking within the campus, and plenty of sports to keep active.

Our Other Services

Alzheimer’s Disease comes in different stages, so depending on the stage and severity that your loved one is facing will depend on the type of service and care that they’re going to receive. We have assisted living facilities that are perfect for residents that have mild or are just in the very early stage of having Alzheimer’s.

The assisted living facility offers a variety of fantastic services such as housekeeping, their private suite or apartment, gourmet meals that are catered to their preference and dietary needs, as well as helping with other things such as monitoring their medication and health.

Those with severe Alzheimer’s Disease will have a wonderful care as well which includes their own private accommodation (such as a suite), professional nursing services that include emotional needs, medication administration, and so much more.

Alzheimer’s Therapy For Senior Care In Hubbard-Richard, Michigan

You can expect nothing but the best from Allegria Village, we’re here to help you take care of your loved ones and give them the best and comfortable years of their life. Contact us today!