Alzheimer's Care in Klondyke
The number of people with Alzheimer’s disease in the United States is estimated at around 5.3 million. Allegrias Alzheimer’s Care in Klondyke provides Alzheimer’s and related dementia care with a variety of security options, comprehensive rehab, and post-acute care.

To achieve the best possible outcomes, our specially trained caregivers look for a variety of factors, including residents’ and patients’ likes and dislikes, their prior living status, their habits, their family involvement, as well as their cognitive impairment as part of the caregiving plan.

Alzheimer’s Care in Klondyke

It is important to recognize that quality memory support requires personalized attention and care tailored to the specific needs of each individual. In addition, we have a licensed team of caregivers that can help with daily activities, medication administration, and even help with housekeeping and laundry every week.

Care Options

There is indeed no single formula for Alzheimer’s care that works for all situations. Throughout the progression of the disease, health care needs change, and the circumstances of each family differ. It can be difficult to decide on what type of care to give to a loved one. If you need assistance, we can provide it.

The quality of care includes ensures the safety of the person and ensuring the basic needs are met, and it also includes finding care providers who treat the person as a whole and who provide an environment that encourages independence and safety.

Personal Support

You can expect highly skilled and personalized Alzheimer’s care in Klondyke at Allegria Village, because we ensure high-quality care designed to help ease anxieties, cultivate behaviors and help you regain your independence. We focus on inclusion and activities in memory care, among other things, to help each individual achieve their personal goals.

Get The Support You Need

  • Personalized support plans
  • Daily care plans
  • Daily routine plans because routine is important
  • Emotional needs support—anxiety, loneliness, frustration
  • Intellectual stimulation activities and development
  • Custom exercises promoting strength, endurance, and balance
  • Assistance with the activities of daily living from meal preparation to medical needs
  • Medication monitoring and administration

There Are Many Types Of Accommodation Available

With independent, assisted, and respite care available, there will be the perfect option for you or your loved one here. Allegria Village’s Assisted Living facilities also have social activities, housekeeping, gourmet meals, classes, and safety as well as a range of other features that encourage independence and control.

As well as this, you can have peace of mind that you or your loved one are getting the medical attention they need with our Alzheimers care in Klondyke you will not only have access to a continuum of care but also to 20 physicians who are specialists in most every field—from audiology through to dentistry or cardiology. Brilliant for people who are living with Alzheimer’s as routine and familiarity is often the key to living a less stressful life.

Care You Can Rely On With On-Site Medical Support

There are many different services and amenities available to you during your stay at Allegria Village, so you can certainly enjoy your stay. An available network of specialists enables us to provide comprehensive coverage for your medical care, along with routine care, at our on-site medical center. Call us today for more inforamtion!

Alzheimer’s Care in Klondyke