Alzheimer’s Care in LakeshoreSearching Alzheimer’s Care in Lakeshore for your loved one? In the US, around one in nine people aged 65 and over live with Alzheimer’s. This makes up 11.3% of the elderly population, and it shows just how prevalent this condition is in the modern world.

Of course, though, Alzheimer’s affects people of all ages, and anyone can find themselves in this position. Here at Allegria, we work extremely hard to provide excellent Alzheimer’s care in Lakeshore.

Let’s look at what our facility and the experts that work with us have to offer.

Allegria Care Services Focused On Creating A Thriving Senior Community

Living with Alzheimer’s is never easy, but it can certainly be made more comfortable.

Our residents benefit from gourmet meals that are cooked to their personal preferences, the chance to socialize with friendly and caring people, and classes that keep their minds active.

This is all found in a clean and comfortable environment, with every aspect of our assisted living facility being tailored to those with conditions like Alzheimer’s. We encourage anyone who is interested in our facility to book a tour.

Skilled Nursing Care That Offers Full Medical Suite On-Site

It’s important to make sure that those with Alzheimer’s are given the right care. This started with the nurses they see on a day-to-day basis, and we have worked hard to hand-pick professionals who are caring and compassionate to fill this role.

Alongside nurses, those with Alzheimer’s can also benefit from active medical care. This is why we have a doctor on-site, along with a memory expert and clinic to ensure that residents get the best possible care during their time with us.

A Day In The Life At Allegria Village

Life at Allegria Village isn’t all about Alzheimer’s. While we do everything we can to support the memory health of our residents, we also want to provide a free and relaxed living environment that makes them happy.

This is why we offer fitness services, along with providing residents with mental health support.  Everyone gets the chance to socialize in our small community, and we are always eager to welcome new faces. Of course, this is made much easier by the regular social events that we host for our residents.

Alzheimer’s Therapy For Senior Care In Lakeshore, Michigan

In many cases, those looking for Alzheimer’s care in Lakeshore will be searching for this service for someone they care about.

This can make it difficult to find exactly the right place for your loved one, and we know how important it can be to visit your assisted living facility before you make a decision. We offer complimentary tours to help you with this, giving you the chance to see our beautiful facility and fall in love with it for yourself.

Working to get the right support for a condition like Alzheimer’s can have a dramatic positive impact on your life. Not only will you be able to live more independently, but you will also have the chance to live with people in a similar position.

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Alzheimer’s Care in Lakeshore