Alzheimer's Care in Lasalle Gardens
When you or a loved one receives the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, the news can be difficult to process. This disease is irresolvable and the only options which are available are to arrange long-term care. At Allegria Village, we understand that making the decision for what type of care is the best option is difficult.

Is care necessary?

If you have decided to care for your loved one, we understand this choice and applaud your decision. In the early stages of Alzheimer’s, you may be able to create an environment that they can live comfortably in. However, if you feel that you can no longer give them the care that they need, Alzheimer’s Care in Lasalle Gardens is available for you.

What to expect from Alzheimer’s Care in Lasalle Gardens

In our village, we have a range of support services that can help your loved ones handle the effects of Alzheimer’s. We offer a range of support plans to help them with their day to day life, and a range of therapies to support them. Our onsite medical centre is always on hand to help with any changes they may experience. If their plan needs to be changed, it will never be changed without discussions with yourself and your loved one.

Schedule a Tour

If your loved one is dealing with Alzheimer’s, we have the facilities in place that will ensure their safety and comfort. For more information about Alzheimer’s care in Lasalle Gardens, you can call us and speak to our friendly staff. You can also book a tour to see the facilities for yourself so you know that your loved one will be well cared for.

Alzheimer’s Care in Lasalle Gardens