Alzheimer's Care in Melvindale
The Alzheimer’s Association predicts that about 14 million people in the US will live with Alzheimer’s by 2050 as the elderly population grows. If you are a Melvindale-based senior battling Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia, Alzheimer’s care in Melvindale might be the best option for you. This way, you can check into a memory care facility that can best cater to your unique needs instead of remaining at home, which may be unsafe.

What Is Alzheimer’s Care?

Alzheimer’s or memory care is a type of senior living that offers intensive, specialized care to patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory issues.

Here at Allegria Village, we have dedicated memory care units to receive and care for patients needing Alzheimer’s care in Melvindale.

We intentionally design all aspects of our memory care program, including the facility layout, activities, and community life, to ensure that it benefits patients with cognitive conditions.

Over here, you will find a similar level of personal care available in assisted living, but with more robust safety measures to meet the needs of our patients with memory impairment.

In addition, our Alzheimer’s care staff are specially trained to handle people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. This specialized training ensures that our residents remain safe and happy while providing them with the best quality of life possible.

Allegria Village’s Alzheimer’s Care Services

We customize our memory care services to suit the needs of patients with Alzheimer’s and other memory impairments. In addition, because Alzheimer’s has different stages and manifests in different ways, we offer a broad scope of care to assist individuals right up to the end stages of memory loss. Some of the services we provide in our Alzheimer’s care settings include:

  • Help with the activities of daily living (ADLs) and other personal care tasks
  • Special activity programming
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Medical monitoring and administration
  • Care planning and coordination
  • Care planning
  • Meal preparation and help with feeding if need be
  • Emergency monitoring and care
  • Mobility assistance

As the largest assisted living facility in the US and the foremost center for Alzheimer’s care in Melvindale, we also offer specialized services to protect our Alzheimer’s patients. Some of these include:

  • 24-hour campus security
  • Daily group and individual therapeutic programming, like brain games designed to slow down Alzheimer’s progress.
  • Anti-wandering systems, since a reported 6 in 10 Alzheimer’s patients are prone to wandering.

Benefits Of Allegria Village’s Alzheimer’s And Memory Care

  • Personalized and skilled care designed to nurture positive behaviors, ease anxieties, and improve independence
  • An inclusion and activity-based approach to memory care with your personal goals in mind
  • Knowledgeable caregivers
  • Enhanced safety
  • Coordinated care with other health professionals

Why Choose Us For Alzheimer’s Care In Melvindale?

We tailor our Alzheimer’s care program to ensure that you receive the best physical, emotional, and cognitive assistance possible. In addition, you can enjoy access to all the amenities and services you may need to make your stay with us pleasant.

Give us a call today at (877) 660-1807 to schedule a tour.

Alzheimer’s Care In Melvindale