Alzheimer's Care in Warren

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. It is a prime reason why so many older adults end up going into care. It causes a decline in cognitive function, which causes symptoms like memory loss, confusion, and mood swings to arise. In this post, we will discuss Alzheimer’s symptoms in detail, where to get Alzheimer’s care in Warren, and what that care will be like.

Early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

“Mild cognitive impairment” is the term used to describe the predecessor of dementia. This condition occurs before dementia sets in therefore, it is important to reach out to a doctor if you or a loved one are showing any of these signs so that they can get a head start in treatment:

  • Increased forgetfulness
  • Trouble staying focused
  • Finding it difficult to carry out daily tasks (they may become very confused when doing a simple job like shopping)
  • Failing to find the right word or to follow a conversation
  • Not knowing the time or place they are in
  • Mood swings

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

These signs occur when mild cognitive impairment has progressed into dementia.

  • Memory loss
  • Asking the same question repetitively
  • Difficulty planning things
  • Confusion in unfamiliar places
  • Failing to find the right word
  • Poor math skills
  • Social withdrawal and anxiety

How to get help?

Consult with your doctor first and they will assess your or your loved one’s condition.

If you are still in the beginning stages, you will be asked to make plans for your own care in future (since it will be required in the later stages). You’ll have to think about whether you want to go into an assisted living facility or be cared for by a member of your family.

Often, people who choose to be cared for by a relative end up later going into care because the condition becomes too much for the family member to cope with.

Where to get Alzheimer’s care in Warren?

Warren has many care homes, but these are not all created equal. You want to choose a professional company you can trust, such as Allegria Village.

Alzheimer’s Therapy For Senior Care In Warren, Michigan

We see the resident as an individual. An individual with their own specific needs – needs that we are here to fulfil. We work hard to provide the highest standards of care and have five principles in place that enable us to achieve these standards:

  1. Treat each resident with dignity and respect.
  2. Promote independence and individuality for each resident.
  3. Allow for individual choices for care and lifestyle.
  4. Protect resident rights to privacy.
  5. Involve family members and friends in care decisions.

Allegria Village Offers Full Medical Suite For Dementia Care Services

Dementia is a common problem for the elderly and the condition eventually results in them needing to be cared for by someone else. At first, this is usually a family member, but as the condition progresses, the relative cannot cope and the professionals need to be called in.

Care You Can Rely On With On-Site Medical Support

Our licensed care team provides patient-orientated care, assistance with daily activities, medication monitoring and administration, as well as weekly housekeeping and more. Don’t rely solely on online information to tell whether a care home is right for you or your loved one. Book a friendly tour of our facility to know what life at Allegria Village is really like.

Alzheimer’s Care in Warren