Assisted Living in Fairlane
Fairlane, named home by Henry Ford and his wife Clara when their fame reached global proportions in 1914. Dearborn, Michigan, offered a chance to keep with Ford’s love of nature, and their home harmonized with the surrounding countryside. Today, Fairlane is now home to an Environmental Interpretive Center. The River Rouge Bird Observatory is also located on the university grounds, where the adjacent area along the Rogue River is home to many birds and other species of animals.

The Henry Ford Estate, including 72 of the original 1,300 acres, was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966. Public tours of the historic home have been ongoing since the 1970s and include various educational programs.

These landmarks and its history is just one of the reasons to consider retiring in Fairlane; another is the assisted living in Fairlane.

Daily Living and Care

We at Allegria Village offer assisted living for those who still want to remain independent. We are an assisted living facility that helps those with minimal assistance with daily living and care. Its purpose is to help adults live independently in a safe environment.

While many seniors and caregivers embrace the idea of “aging in place” at home, assisted living communities offer several benefits that aren’t always available to aging adults who remain in their homes.


There are several reasons why people may not want to consider assisted living, but there are many benefits. Older adults who live alone in their homes are vulnerable to several hazards and threats — from serious falls and medication mishaps to burglaries. Assisted living communities are designed to provide secure and comfortable environments for seniors. Senior living communities offer the chance to build new relationships every day – with staff, fellow residents, and even volunteers! Along with providing plenty of opportunities for conversation and camaraderie!

Speaking of socialization, mealtimes offer an ideal environment for staving off feelings of loneliness. But that’s not the only reason why the dining experience is important. Because appetites often decrease with age, older adults tend to eat less or select unhealthy options to avoid the additional time needed to prepare a healthy meal — both of which can lead to jeopardized health. Thus, mealtimes in senior living are designed to not only provide balanced nutrition and nourishment but invite residents to share in the company of friends, neighbors, and family members.

We do this in several different ways. We use social activities and classes to help encourage camaraderie and friendships. We also help make sure that any fears with food are settled as we make sure there are gourmet made-for-you meals.

These are just a few things that make the experience of Allegria Village’s Assisted Living program one that encourages control and independence while maintaining the comforts of home.

Living at Allegria Village means that you not only have access to a continuum of care but also to a professional network of 20 physicians who are specialists in almost every field—from audiology, podiatry, and dentistry to cardiology – right on site.

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We also help with scarier stuff like memory care. Adjusting to the effects of memory loss can be especially challenging. At Allegria Village, you’ll find a dedicated group of care professionals who understand that no two people are alike and that it requires a truly personalized approach to memory care to stay happy and healthy. So check out the assisted living in Fairlane today! Contact us today!

Assisted Living in Fairlane