At Allegria Village, you’ll find the very best assisted living in Hamtramck. We’ve grown to become the largest assisted living facility in the United States because of the extremely high level of care and support that we offer to everyone that lives with us. We know that everyone wants to retain as much independence as possible, all the while making sure that the essentials of life — such as their health, safety, and happiness — are being met. We go above and beyond to make sure that people that choose us feel like they’re thriving in life.

How do we do it? By treating everyone as an individual. We know that everyone’s different, and that’s why we put together personalized care plans that will help you to grow and develop and live in comfort. You’ll have the choice of more than forty floor plans, so you can live in an environment of your choosing, and which really feels like home.

Services and Amenities

We provide a whole host of services that are designed to ensure that you can live your best life possible. When you live with us, you’ll be able to enjoy many social activities with the other residents. You’ll also take advantage of weekly housekeeping and delicious meals that are made with your diet preferences in mind. There are also classes you can take part in, too. Perhaps most importantly, we work to ensure that you feel safe and that your health is being taken care of. On our site you’ll find twenty medical professionals who are experts in a wide range of medical fields, including dentistry and cardiology, and just about everything else.

At Allegria Village, you’ll find the perfect balance of everything that you would look for in an assisted living facility. The environment is beautiful and luxurious, but there’s also a big commitment to ensure that the care and services we provide are of the highest standard. This allows our residents to live in peace and happiness, secure in the knowledge that the important details, such as health and safety, have been taken care of. We work under the principles that everyone should be treated with care and dignity, and that people should retain as much independence as they can wherever possible. That helps to create a facility where people really feel like they’re able to live their best lives, all the time.

Schedule a Tour

If you’re considering moving into assisted living in Hamtramck, then be sure to get in touch with us to learn more about our facility and to schedule a tour. You can contact us by picking up the phone and calling us at (877) 660-1807 or by filling out the form that you’ll find on our ‘Contact’ page, which you’ll find at the top of this page. We have a long list of happy customers because of the nurturing environment and high level care that we provide, and we’re confident that once you have a chance to visit us, you’ll decide that this is the right place for you.