Assisted Living in Indian Village
Allegria Village is a retirement community that specializes in Assisted Living. We offer everything from Independent and Semi-Independent living to full-time Assisted Living in Indian Village.

Our Assisted Living program encourages independence and control while maintaining the comforts of home. At Allegria Village, we have over 150 clubs that residents may join, including gardening, walking, book, and photography club! These clubs ensure that our residents remain active and social while in the care of our facilities.

On-Site Medical Care

We have an on-site medical care center home to over 20 physicians and specialists who are always readily available for all of our residents. In addition, we also offer 24/7 nursing care provided by dedicated and loving healthcare professionals.

With Assisted Living at Allegria Village, we will take over all household chores so that residents can have more free time to enjoy their golden years! We understand that many people do not get the time to enjoy the simpler things in life due to busy schedules and constant chores, so in our, Assisted Living in Indian Village program, we take over all chores such as painting, mowing the lawns, cleaning the house and cooking meals.

At Allegria Village, we have concrete principles of care. These include:

  1. Treat each resident with dignity and respect.
  2. Promote independence and individuality for each resident.
  3. Allow for individual choices for care and lifestyle.
  4. Protect residents’ rights to privacy.
  5. Involve family members and friends in care decisions.

Our highly efficient and friendly staff members are always available to assist residents. If you want a tour of our assisted living facility, then give us a call today to schedule your free tour!

Assisted Living In Indian Village