Assisted Living in Poletown EastAssisted living doesn’t mean intrusive living. Our goal for Assisted Living in Poletown East, is to provide all the care that is required but encourage independence in our residents. We feel that this combination of a visible and strong safety net, with the added encouragement to live freely, is the best way to live a healthy yet fulfilling life.

We provide different social activities, the best amenities and the daily care you would expect from a highly professional assisted living service such as ours. Here are just a few of the things you expect.

Why Choose Allegria Village For Assisted Living Services?

We have plenty of social activities that our residents enjoy. Whether it’s exercise, strength training or endurance workouts, we provide a plethora of activities designed to boost the health of our residents.

Not to mention, the everyday things such as getting dressed or supporting eating, are provided too. There is weekly housekeeping to keep everything tidy and fresh. Not to mention we cook gourmet meals that have been specifically made for each individual’s allergy, nutritional and enjoyment needs.

As mentioned, we also wish to encourage our residents to take control of their own needs, and support their independence as much as possible.

Poletown East Assited Living Facility With On-Site Physicians

So who provides the most important support in our assisted living in Poletown East village? Our 20 on-site physicians that also include specialists.

So whether there is a requirement for dentistry, cardiology, podiatry or audiology, our healthcare professionals have got you covered.

Remember, this is all done on-site, so our residents do not need to travel for any type of routine or advanced healthcare issue.

We have found that our residents feel more confident in our assisted living care as they get both everyday healthcare through our nursing, but also medication, monitoring and specific needs that require specialist knowledge and techniques.

Our Senior Community In Eastpointe Offers Memory Care

One of the things that we have found is so important to our residents is memory support. We make sure that we are helping our residents adjust to the effects of memory loss.

We know this can be particularly challenging, but our Alzheimer’s care is advanced and comprehensive. Each of our care plans and meal plans are tailored to the individual. There is no one-size-fits-all and we do not ever intend on going down that path.

Assisted Living Facility For Senior Care In Poletown East, MI

The luxury suites we have, can be styled and decorated however you wish. It’s vital that our residents feel they are at home and if you ever require assistance on moving things in and changing the suite to your liking, you only need to ask us. We make sure that our residents are able to have the privacy they desire, and that can mean providing activities that they can do in the comfort of their own suite.

If you would like to know more about our Assisted Living in Poletown East, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would like nothing more than to help you and your loved one feel comfortable and confident in us.

Assisted Living in Poletown East