Assisted Living in Southfield

Relocating and making your new home in Assisted Living in Southfieldmight may feel a bit overwhelming and intimidating at first. However, it is the first step in closing a well-lived and beautiful chapter in life as you pack up decades of personally collected memories and saying farewell to your family home.

While this stage in your life might be a bittersweet moment, always remember that as one door closes, another more extraordinary door opens with endless possibilities, opportunities with new and exciting adventures await you!

Assisted Living in Southfield is your new home designed and created for the elderly who require various personal and medical care levels with a helping and friendly hand taking you step by step through this new journey.

At Allegria Village, we have the most luxurious and spacious housing units available and ensure that our residents can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay and help them gain self-confidence and maintain their independence.

In our Assisted Living in Southfield facilities, we have only the best, highly trained, friendly yet professional staff on hand to tend to your needs and well-being by supporting our residents with daily living.

Sounds too good to be true? Schedule a private tour with us, come and visit and let us show you our magnificent amenities.

Allegria Village Assisted Living in Southfield has numerous benefits in store for you, to name a few:

Physical and Mental Stimulation

One of the essential methods to prevent and ward off mental decline is to keep active through physical and intellectual stimulation.

At Allegria Village, we host various kinds of fun activities and classes and encourage our residents to enjoy their hobbies happily. From arts and crafts, gardening, exercising, swimming, and even playing a round of golf, Assisted Living in Southfield has this and loads more in store for you!

24-Hour Security

The safety and security of our residents are our top priority. Our Assisted Living in Southfield community is designed and tailored to all senior needs, such as ramps and hand railings, to prevent unnecessary bodily injuries during your stay.

Our community has 24-hour security, meaning you can stroll about the grounds, in the garden, or sit peacefully beside the lake and get a sound slumber every night.

Around The Clock Care

Whether you need any assistance day or night, we have highly trained and professional staff on the premises every hour of every day. Our friendly and caring team will be delighted to help and assist you where need be.

Delicious Meals

A healthy and well-balanced diet is essential for every individual. Therefore we pride ourselves in only serving our residents the most delicious foods available! Our chefs are experts in preparing a very healthy, yummy, and nutritious meal tailored to each resident’s specifications.

Make New Friends, Then Make Some More!

One thing is sure; as human beings, we can not be alone. Loneliness is a dangerous and unpredictable path which we avoid at all costs.

At Allegria Village Assisted Living in Southfield, we encourage our seniors to engage in social activities, social groups, and gatherings. But it is, however, their choice if they would like to or not.

Schedule a tour, as a warm welcome into our family awaits you!