Assisted Living in Staples

Instead of searching for Assisted Living in Staples, consider Allegria Village. We are a private senior community located in Dearborn, Michigan. We offer many types of senior residential options, such as Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and short and long-term skilled nursing care.

We are unique in that assistance for the tasks of living, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and incontinence care, are provided right in the comfort of your own home.

Our certified nursing assistants offer care with dignity. We are not a facility. We are a senior community.

Allegria Village Skilled Nursing & Support Services

Assisted Living in Staples simply is not the lifestyle that you have been searching for. Here at Allegria Village you will find social activities, housekeeping, gourmet chef inspired cuisine, classes such as exercise or cooking and so much more.

Our Assisted Living program encourages independence while maintaining all the comforts of home. And that is because assistance is actually in your home.

Naturally, we offer other lifestyles as well such as Independent Living which offers you the freedom and opportunity to enjoy life to its fullest. Participate in social events, day trips to local venues, and so much more.

Included are maintenance and repairs. You too can experience the luxury and lifestyle at Allegria Village.

Why Choose Our Senior Community In South East Michigan?

Why would you even consider Assisted Living in Staples when you can choose from 40 different floor plans here at Allegria Village? We offer studios, one and two-bedroom units available now.

We have found that the residents here desire a combination of beautiful luxury housing and excellent supportive services.

Another advantage of living in Allegria Village is that if your health should change, we have supportive services right here in our community. You wont have to leave your friends and neighbors and you will be well taken care of by our professional caring staff.

Allegria Village Facility For Assisted Living With On-Site Physicians

We also have a full medical suite on-site. We have physicians that offer age-appropriate care in such specialties as audiology, cardiology, dentistry and podiatry, to name a few. Does Assisted Living in Staples have a medical suite?

If you would like to learn more about all the advantages of living here at Allegria Village vs Assisted Living in Staples, please visit our website. Or you may call to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives at (877) 660-1807. They can assist you by answering any questions you may have and help you to schedule a tour.

Assisted Living Facility For Senior Care In Staples, MI

Here at Allegria Village we think it is very important that you make informed decisions regarding your retirement housing and care therefore we encourage you to come and take a tour. Come and see all we have to offer you you won’t find at any Assisted Living in Staples.

Come and see our pool, our state-of-the-art gym, the massive outdoor space and landscaped gardens, our parklike setting and our safe and secure community. Then choose Allegria Village as your new home, sweet home, because we are exactly what you have been searching for. We look forward to meeting you!