Continuing Care Retirement Community in BridgeviewDon’t you think that retirement can be great? You get plenty of free time to travel and explore different activities and connect with new people. However, your retirement might not be as fulfilling as you may want it to be. That should not worry you because the Continued Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is here for you.

Whether it is the taste of the good life in retirement you want or need assistance with your routines and schedules, CCRC offers an exciting retirement chapter.

Senior Living Options in Bridgeview, South East Michigan

According to USA Today, older adults are increasingly embracing continuing care retirement communities. Stats show that more than 600,000 Americans above 65 years like the idea of living in CCRC for their care needs.

The appeal of settling in retirement communities is increasing, but do you know what to expect?

Holistic Care Options For Seniors Near Bridgeview

Allegria Village is a continuing care retirement community in Bridgeview and the largest CCRC facility in the United States. We help you move within levels of care in one location to make your life more manageable and your stay comfortable.

As the most extensive continuing care retirement community in Bridgeview, we have all it takes to offer the best levels of care. At Allegria Village, we offer five levels of care, including.

Independent living

At Allegria Village, we value your choice, independence, and your well-being. Our independent living program ensures that you get the best services to allow you to do your things independently. Our team focuses on knowing more about your history and interests to serve you better.


We pride ourselves in helping you get back to what you love doing. Our post-acute care services are tailored to ensure this through dedicated private rooms and highly trained staff.

Assisted living

The Allegria Village experience is made of everything you need to make your life better. Our services range from routine housekeeping to classes and social activities to make your life much easier.

Memory support

We understand that quality memory support is all about personalized care and attention for all your individual needs. Accordingly, we have a competent team to help you with your daily activities.

Skilled nursing

As a retirement community, we understand that you need personalized and attentive care at all times. Our team of highly trained and skilled nurses is always on standby to offer you the best nursing services to make you feel comfortable.

What types of retirement community facilities do we offer?

We are not just the best continuing care retirement community in Bridgeview but also in the nation. Our state-of-the-art facilities are tailored to offer the best services to make you feel loved and comfortable.

  • Our range of facilities includes:
  • Apartments and cottages for independent living
  • Medical care facility
  • Assisted living units where you can get help with your daily activities

Continuing Care Retirement Community With Allegria Village

With the evolving care and services, continuing care retirement communities continue to add value through better medical services and wellness programs.

At Allegria Village, we welcome you to a home of endless possibilities for your personal growth and comfort. With more than 40 floor plans, spacious studios, and rooms, we offer a variety for everyone.

Are you looking for a continuing care retirement community in Bridgeview? Schedule a tour with us today.

Continuing Care Retirement Community in Bridgeview