Continuing Care Retirement Community in Detroit
When you or someone close to you is in need of continuing care, or a retirement community, what exactly are you looking for? In all likelihood, you are hoping to get some top of the range care, including healthcare, and you probably want it to be a community that you can genuinely enjoy as much as possible too. For all of that, you really don’t need to look any further than Allegria Village. We are the best continuing care retirement community in Detroit, with many happy residents currently living with us – and you or your relative could be one too. So what makes us so special?

A Caring Community

Arguably the most important thing to have around you in your later years is a caring community. As long as you are surrounded by people you trust and whom you enjoy spending time with, life is going to be so much more satisfying and you are going to find that happiness comes to you so much more easily. If you come to live in our continuing care retirement community in Detroit, you will find yourself in that kind of community, and that will lead to some serious improvements in your general happiness and sense of wellbeing.

Focused On Great Health

Having strong health is important in every stage of life, and that is something that we are proud to say we are excellent at helping you with too. We have all of the physical and mental care that you might need, and all on call whenever you need it. If there are any medications to keep an eye on, we can ensure that you are doing so as well as possible. All this, and we do it while keeping you in control, and ensuring that you are still as independent as you ever were. That is what makes us the most trusted continuing care retirement community in Detroit.

Assistance & Freedom

Unlike some other retirement communities, we offer you the perfect balance of assisted living, and freedom to do what you please. We strongly believe that by respecting you as an individual, we are going to encourage you to have the best possible life later on, and we really want to make sure that this happens for you. With this balance in check, you are going to find that retiring can be a much more enjoyable and worthwhile pursuit, and that it is much more satisfying for you personally.


Above all, we deal with all of our residents with the highest possible level of compassion. We are here to help, in whatever way you need it, and to help you to make the most of your retirement. That is what we care about, and we do it with compassion every time.

To find out more about our approach and what kind of retirement community we offer, the best way is to book a tour of the community itself. We will be more than happy to show you around and get you to see what it’s really all about.

Continuing Care Retirement Community in Detroit