Continuing Care Retirement Community in EssexIf you are searching for the best continuing care retirement community in Essex, you won’t find it there, but you will find it here at Allegria Village in Dearborn. We are a wonderful private retirement community that is gated and has security 24/7.

This blog post will answer some of your most important questions about our incredible Continuing Care Retirement Community in Essex and why they are the right choice for most people.

Of course, most people wish to stay in their own home for as long as possible, but having your own beautifully maintained space, without the need to change bulbs, paint fences, or tend to any other issues. What a delightful thought!

What is a CCRC?

Let’s start with the more important question, what is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

A CCRC is one of the most beneficial options to residents that typically arrive as independent living residents, but over time their needs change.

Rather than need to unroot them and find a new care facility, our CCRC is equipped to continue their care in a modified way.

Get Personalized Support From The Allegria Village Care Team

Our Continuing Care Retirement Community in Essex removes the need for disruptive and unsettling moves. Moving between care facilities can cause mental, physical, and emotional stress. CCRCs are an incredible choice to be as independent as you like, take part in a massive range of activities, and get the support you need.

Want to see it for yourself? We’d love to give you a tour of the facility and answer any questions that you have. You can book a tour by calling (877) 660-1807 – or fill in our contact form.

Our friendly staff will be happy to take your call.

What are the benefits of a CCRC at Allegria Village?

We take a modern whole-life approach to our residents.

We have services, clubs, and activities a-plenty. You’re spoiled for choice with Allegria Village.

Here are just a few of the activities you can enjoy:

  • Book club
  • Gardening club
  • Photography club
  • Writing club
  • Wii bowling league
  • Circuit breaker fitness
  • Ceramics
  • Team trivia
  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra Classic Coffee Concerts

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And that is just the start; we also have a range of volunteering opportunities for our residents – ranging from landscaping to a community wellness committee.

Whatever your interests are, there is something for you at our continuing care retirement community in Essex.

Loneliness and isolation are a genuine concern for older adults who live alone or don’t live near family and friends.

Residents can choose how and when they participate in the activities, giving them total control of their lifestyle.

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You’ll get all the information you need and more when you take a tour of the incredibly warm and welcoming Allegria Village. Book a tour at your convenience by calling: (877) 660-1807.

Our continuing care retirement community in Essex has been designed to support aging in place to the highest quality. We offer 100s of activities, volunteer work, not to mention our onsite chef! Dining at Allegria Village provides three restaurant choices – the only difficulty you’ll have is choosing where you eat!

CCRC is the perfect option for aging in place and living your very best life.

Continuing Care Retirement Community in Essex