Continuing Care Retirement Community in Ruscom Station
It is important for those looking for continuing care retirement community in Ruscom to research sever different private living community locations before choosing one. Allegria Village in Dearborn will however stand out during your search.

Allegria Village is located at 15101 Ford Road in Dearborn in a gated private community that was designed specifically for those that are either in need to retire, wish to retire, are in need of some sort of medical assistance after a certain age, or are just looking to for the continuing care retirement community in Ruscom Station. You can view the campus as what you would like, but mark our words you will never see anything quite like it else where.

Amenities and Accommodations

Our purpose at Allegria Village is to provide the proper living environment for those who want that get away experience while still living their normal daily life. We are proud of what we have so far accomplished with our amenities and accommodations for those that will be residents with us. The staff and medical team we have for you here have an unspoken Oath, which is treat each resident with dignity and respect, promote independence and individuality for each resident, allow for individual choices for care and lifestyle, protect resident rights to privacy, and involve family members and friends in care decisions. Please note that at any given point you or a loved one feel that one of the staff members regardless of their title has violated their Oath or your trust let us know immediately.

24-Hour Nursing Care

Continuing care retirement community in Ruscom Station should not play our as difficult as it does. Your medical needs are the most important factor in life, which is why we staff highly qualified medical personnel available. From a standard MD for your routine visits at our on site medical center to the different Specialist, we have over 20 different Physicians and Specialist to choose from. You also will find that the individuals we have here are caring, compassionate, understanding and empathetic to your heath needs. 24-hour nursing care is provided should there be a medical emergency. The locations are safe and the rooms are designed to leave you feel like you are in a dignified setting.

Schedule a Tour

The housekeeping service is one of the many different services offered at Allegria Village for your convenience. We do not want you to worry about doing another boring chore again, that is unless you choose to. But you should take this time to relax and do all the things you have held off on before retirement. If you have more questions or are curious about what else Allegria Village will offer you for the continuing care retirement community in Ruscom Station, give us a call at (877) 660-1807. If you are satisfied with our answers please set up a tour of the campus. This way you can witness all the great attributes living in a private retirement community like Allegria Village has to give. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


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