Independent Living in Jefferson Chalmers
Allegria Village is a Continuing Care Retirement Community. We have been providing the best possible care to seniors for several years and offer a wide range of services, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. At Allegria Village, we offer each resident an individualized plan that will help them live as freely and independently as possible with dignity and respect. Independence is a huge aspect of Independent Living.

Make Your Own Decisions

One of the best things about living independently is that you get to make your own decisions. From where, when, and how often you leave your house, to which pair of shoes go with which outfit. It’s all up to you! Of course, we have residents who are more independent than others, but all residents living at Allegria Village have their independence respected and encouraged.

Independent seniors need to understand that they can’t do everything themselves forever, so there is no shame if they need help from family or staff members from time to time. It doesn’t mean that residents don’t still have their own goals in mind or want to do certain things without any assistance. Just that those goals might take longer now than before due to physical or mental limitations. Independent Living at Allegria Village will provide for a much smoother transition later on when Independent Living is no longer a safe and acceptable option.

Independent Living in Jefferson Chalmers is an excellent option for those who want to be surrounded by others but still maintain their own space, unique sense of self, and individualism!

Services and Amenities

We offer many different services that can help seniors remain independent while using staff members only as an aid when needed. These services include:

  1. 24-hour security system, fire detection, and suppression systems, so you know your home is safe at all times.
  2. Emergency call system, in case of any accidents or emergencies that could occur at home. This means seniors can live without ever having to worry about being alone during a medical emergency, thanks to our trained staff members on site 24/11. We also offer medication management services if needed as well as visiting nurses who are available on request.
  3. Each apartment has its own full kitchen with appliances included which allows residents to continue to cook their own meals should they wish to do so. However, we do have an onsite cafe that can provide you with freshly cooked meals daily.
  4. Laundry facilities for convenience, so you don’t have to spend your day washing clothes or doing the laundry by hand!
  5. Transportation around the town is always available with our complimentary transportation program. We will further go out of our way to ensure residents get to their doctors’ appointments or other meetings.

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As we mentioned before, there are many benefits associated with Independent Living – including but not limited to having your own apartment, sharing community spaces, and being surrounded by others who are also living care-free and independently. So, if you’re thinking about moving into Independent Living in Jefferson Chalmers or even an Assisted Living Community, then Allegria Village is the perfect option for you!

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Independent Living In Jefferson Chalmers