Independent Living in Ruscom Station
We know that independent living in Ruscom Station can seem lonely and it even sounds it. Terminology these days goes a long way with the imagination. Allegria Village in Dearborn wants to show you that it is not a lonely way of existing. The campus is located at 15101 Ford Road in Dearborn, and you will have your breath taken away once you come up to the gates. Yes, Allegria Village is a private gated community for our residents to feel safe and secure during their well deserved time to relax.

Services and Activities

Our security system is state of the art and of the latest and greatest systems out there. We also have a 24 security guard as well to monitor the front gate. Fancy right? The idea behind Allegria Village is to have all those that live here feel important because they are. It is high time that they live their best life after either retirement or becoming dependent on themselves. Here at Allegria you will get the best of both worlds; your independence but also dependability on those that are around you to cater to your needs. Whether it is personal needs such as housekeeping or laundry service or dining or just food shopping right down to your medical needs, such as a primary care physician, or a specialist you will find the majority of your needs can and will be met on campus. How many other communities can you find that offer such accommodations?

Now, just because you decided independent living doesn’t mean you have to rely on yourself to be completely independent and Independent Living in Ruscom Station if not done correctly can be difficult. As you get older unfortunately the common chores one would accomplish in a day can become dangerous for example, lawn care. The bending and pushing and noise can lead to body aches and pains and hearing issues. At Allegria Village you will not have to worry about that. Sit back and relax and let the professional groundkeepers tend to the beautiful landscaping. Or let our house keepers clean your home for you while you are playing a round of golf.

Independent Living

Rest assure though, you will 100% have your independence living here at Allegria Village. Our staff will encourage you to interact with your neighbors and participate with the daily activities or different clubs to make sure you stay active. But we will also maintain a respectable distance to allow you to live free and care free. With the floorplans for each of the living quarters, we wouldn’t truly blame you for turning into a hermit crab, but then you will miss out on the fun you could having!

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If you are interested in the Independent Living life give us a call at (877) 660-1807 to further discuss your options, plans, and needs to join our community. We are always excited to meet those that are interested so please schedule a tour of the campus as well. This way you can get a first hand experience of what you will be living with.


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