Independent Living in Southfield
Retirement isn’t what it used to be. It’s better. Up until fairly recently, retirement essentially meant a few short years of peace after a life of hard work. Now it means many happy years of fulfillment, growth, and productivity. Picking the best retirement location is an important part of this. Independent living in Windsor has a lot to recommend it.

A Community For Independent Senior Living

An independent living facility is, at heart, a place to call home. That’s exactly why our independent living facility offers a wide range of accommodation options. Choose from studios, one-beds, and two-beds. All options are as practical as they are stylish.

Even the smaller options have plenty of storage space and plenty of room to have guests over.

There may be some days when you just want to spend time quietly at home. There may be other days when you’re fully occupied at home. All our apartments have excellent internet so you can make full use of everything available online.

Most of the time, however, you’re probably going to want to balance time at home with time outside it.

Why Choose Allegria Village Senior Living Community?

Independent living in Windsor really does offer the best of all possible worlds.

Firstly, you have an extensive selection of on-site facilities and amenities. There’s so much to choose from, you could easily spend all your time in our facility itself if you wanted. If you don’t, however, you have even more options in Windsor and beyond.

Windsor itself is a perfect combination of the old and the new. Historic buildings stand alongside the best in modern architecture. What’s more, there’s plenty of green space to enjoy.

In particular, the Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail takes you through some of the best parks and green spaces in the area.

There are cultural attractions, numerous leisure attractions, and plenty of shopping opportunities. It’s fun for all ages so you’ll never be short of something to do or somewhere to take family and friends from the youngest to the oldest.

If, however, you do fancy a trip further afield, you can travel knowing that your home is being well looked after while you’re away.

For Independent living in Windsor, Schedule A Tour Today!

For many people, retirement provides an opportunity to devote more time to existing interests. It can also be an opportunity to develop new ones. You might be surprised just how good you can get at them. Remember, when you were working, you would have had relatively little free time. In retirement, you can put in a lot more practice. That really is what makes perfect.

You can also work on keeping both your body and your mind in good shape. No matter what your tastes are, there will be options for you, from the gym to golf and from meditation to memory care. You can get as much or as little assistance as you need, however you want it.

For example, you might want to join in with classes, get individual training or coaching or get help from technology. The choice is entirely yours. Get in touch today to book a tour and experience independent living in Windsor for yourself.

Independent living in Windsor