Are you searching for the best memory care in Klondyke that can improve your loved ones quality of life while providing you with ultimate peace of mind? Then look no further, as here at Allegria Village we are committed to taking great care of those who experience memory related conditions such as Alzheimer’s, allowing each and every resident gain a greater sense of independence and freedom.

Our Services

Memory care is a complex and intricate process that’s totally unique, depending wholly on the individual and their state of mind. We recognize that each and every resident is different, and we are dedicated to creating the most suitable care plans that accommodate individual requirements. No two memory care plans are the same, and you can rely on our team of trained and licensed professionals to craft the best support network for your loved one to help them thrive. If you’re interested in finding out more about our tailor made care programs, our team of knowledgeable, skilled professionals will be able to answer your questions and queries to put your mind at ease.

We offer a range of different services that can be of benefit to those who struggle with memory related conditions, all of which focus around promoting great health both mentally and physically. These varying forms of support exist to cover every aspect of health and wellbeing, ensuring that every individual under our care can truly flourish despite their memory related condition.

Our forms of support are:

  • Personalized plans that take individual needs into consideration
  • Emotional support, alleviating anxiety symptoms, reducing loneliness and controlling frustration
  • Intellectual stimulation activities to keep the mind active
  • Customized exercise plans to boost strength, endurance and balance
  • Daily living support including housekeeping and more
  • Administration of medication with constant monitoring..and so much more.

Certified Medical Center

Here at Allegria Village, we also have our own certified medical center on site that all residents can access whenever they need to. Our medical team can provide basic routine care, as well as more specialized services to ensure that all patients are looked after. No matter what kind of illness or condition that your loved one is experiencing, we can help to alleviate their pain and discomfort to lead a more peaceful and happy life.

We know just how scary it can be when searching for the most suitable memory care in Klondyke, as your aim is always to source the most committed, attentive team to look after your elderly loved one. That’s why we encourage every potential guest to visit us on site to take a guided tour of our many facilities, so that you can both see for yourselves just how high our standards are. You’ll be able to see our care plans in action, as we have many content residents who are already making the most of our services.

There’s no time like the present to book your tour of Allegria Village, so get in touch with a member of our team today to organize your visit today.