Our Memory Care in Poletown East is trusted throughout the country. We provide comprehensive care for all our residents. We know that handing over the responsibility of care to us is a big step for any loved one.

Allegria Village services are highly personalized, practiced by skilled professionals and driven by a unique ethos. And that is, making sure we provide plenty of care, but we also encourage the independence of our residents.

But memory loss and support for memory care is complex and has to be done in both a confident and comfortable manner.

Here are some things we offer.

Who Would Benefit From Allegria Village Dementia Care Facilities?

The services we provide are going to be a mix of everyday care, specialist care, and individual care.

Here are just some of those things that fit the bill of all three.

  • Emotional support. For those that are going through anxiety, frustration and or loneliness, our nurses are trained to provide emotionally intelligent care.
  • All the support plans are personalized. Nobody is the same as someone else, so we always tailor our care plans for the individual.
  • We also provide intellectually stimulating activities. This may be something as simple as a puzzle, but it can also be chess, jigsaws, book clubs, or perhaps discussion on various social, economical and political topics.
  • The medication we provide is always monitored and the administration is done by us.
  • The exercise plans for our residents are tailored. Everyone is at a different health and fitness level, so we would never put your loved one through an activity or exercise without knowing it is safe, challenging but ultimately feasible.
  • Regarding daily assistance, our nurses are always on hand to provide care for the everyday things such as getting dressed, organizing the schedule for the week and helping with odd jobs whenever needed.

Tailored, Personalized Senior Living Facilities In South East Michigan

At our Memory Care in Poletown East village, we make sure that our care plans are always tailored for the individual. We have noticed over the years that the more focus we place on each resident, the easier it becomes to provide effective care.

This trickles down into the quality of life, standard of living, the meals they consume, activities they enjoy and most importantly, their medical care.

Whenever your loved one might feel lonely, anxious or confused, our nurses are never too far away to bring calm, understanding and resilience to those moments of adversity.

For On-Site Memory Care in Millenium Village, Schedule A Tour Today!

We want to make sure that our residents do not have to travel far for their everyday medical care. This is why at our on-site medical center, there are 20 physicians as well as specialists. This has allowed our residents to receive every day as well as advanced care without the need to travel.

The stress out of the medical experience has been very effective in growing the confidence of our residents and customers.

If you would like to know more about our Memory Care in Poletown East, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would like nothing more than to help you and your loved one feel comfortable and confident in us.