Memory Care in Saint Joachim
Memory care in Saint Joachim should not be a taboo topic of conversation. There is nothing shameful about mental health, nor should any one feel that way. Allegria Village located at 15101 Ford Road in Dearborn has a staff like no other Retirement Community.

With the help of our outstanding staff, you will be able to choose from 40 different floor plans that will suit your personality and your previous life style. You will never have to worry about lifting a finger to take care of those daily chores again. You will be in awe with what our staff members are capable of doing for you while you join our home to relax and get the help that you need as well. The group of the licensed care team that are employed with us at Allegria Village offers assistance with daily activities, medication monitoring and administration, as well as weekly housekeeping and more.

Personal Care

Their roles play an important factor in the community for those who are in need of Memory Care in Saint Joachim. Each of the individuals that join our family as a new resident will be monitored with personalized attention and care tailored to each of their needs. With the help of your primary care physician and recommendations our care teams support services will personalize your support plans along with emotional needs support if you suffer from anxiety, loneliness, and frustration. We will also provide intellectual stimulation activities. You will also have custom exercises that will promote strength, endurance and balance.

On-Site Medical Center

The Village also has an on-site medical center that allows you as the resident easier access to your medical needs. The conveniently of being able to walk to your next appointment rather than get into the car and drive is a favorite of our residents. The medical center offers services such as your basic healthcare with an MD along with a majority of Specialist that you may have needed to visit prior to living with us.

The Memory Care in Saint Joachim is not to be taken lightly. The team at Allegria Village is dedicated, compassionate and professional in all aspects. Each of the residents that would require our Memory Care services are treated as normal as the next person but with a touch of gentle hands if you will. The services that will be provided to you were designed to help you not hurt you. You will still live a normal life while having your needs met not just by yourself but with an extra hand. Again, there is no shame in needed help. We find those that need that extra hand are those that have lent the extra hand all their lives.

Schedule a Tour

If you are someone you know and love are in need of Memory Care in Saint Joachim please give us a call to schedule a tour of the campus. Our phone number is (877) 660-1807. We will be happy to work with your availability to come down and discuss your future plans.


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