Memory Care in Springwells
In life, we are often faced with difficult decisions. When you or a loved one discovers that they are suffering from a memory disease, you must make decisions quickly about how their care should be handled.

What type of diseases are memory diseases?

Memory diseases are illnesses that attack the brain and affect the ability to store and recall memories. But, these illnesses do not just remove the happiest times of a person’s life. This removal and destruction of the brain can affect other areas such as their behaviour and reasoning skills. This is why it may start as forgetting familiar faces and becoming angry at nothing. However, these memory issues are not always brought on by disease, they can develop after a head injury or if the brain is starved of oxygen for too long. Signs that your loved one may be suffering from a memory problem include-

  • Misplacing items
  • Forgetting details
  • Problems with talking and communication
  • Being disoriented with the time and the place they are in
  • Having problems with abstract thoughts and thinking
  • Memory loss that affects their day to day life
  • Becoming angry and anxious for no apparent reason
  • Problems performing familiar tasks

These are some issues that may arise from memory issues but everyone is different and will react differently to their illness.

Diseases such as Alzheimer’s can be more unpredictable and we can never be sure what the timeline will be. Memory care in Springwells is tailored to your loved ones needs to help them during this time. We have a large facility and staff who have been trained to help assist with many different stages and types of memory care.

When to find care

We understand that this may be a difficult time, and many tough decisions will have to be made about their care. At Allegria Village, we are committed to helping you make the best decision to help your loved one. Our team can help with many different tasks, including assisting with their medication and meals. You may decide to take care of your loved ones for as long as possible. However, if their symptoms become too much, it may be time to reach out and see what services we can offer you.

During your time with us, we can offer a range of services and care that will enhance how you tackle your disease. Every resident has a tailored program to assist with their changing needs. As a resident, you will receive the same tailored treatment which is designed to put your mind at ease. If you need your care changed, we can adapt it after speaking to yourself and your family. Nothing will be changed without discussion.

If you think that memory care in Springwells is right for you and your loved ones, give us a call and we can discuss further how we can help you. You can even book a tour of the facility and see for yourself how our residents enjoy their time with us. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Memory Care in Springwells