Allegria Village is a nursing home in Elmstead for people who want dignity and a high quality of life but also require support to live the lifestyle they desire. We provide a combination of luxury accommodation, delicious meals and every kind of support services that you ever need during your time with us. If you’re interested in finding out more, please book a tour today.

Get All The Services You Need

Our nursing home is more than a place to live: it’s a whole new life. We offer a range of services that make it easy for you to go about your days in the way that’s right for you. For instance, our independent living services allow seniors to get the best of both worlds. You have access to beautiful accommodation and can call upon assistance whenever you need it.

Furthermore, our assisted living arrangements come with a host of additional services designed to improve your quality of life. You get a calendar of social activities, gourmet meals made for you, classes, and weekly housekeeping. You also live in a safe environment where health services are close at hand. Physicians are available and we have a network of more than twenty doctors who specialize in virtually every field, including audiology, cardiology, oncology and podiatry.

Why Choose Allergia?

At Allergia, we do things differently from traditional nursing homes in Elmstead. We take a patient-first view which means that our services are all about you.

Here are some of the reasons why we’re so loved by people seeking support in the local area.

  • We treat each resident with respect: We’re always looking for ways to help you or your loved ones feel more dignified, no matter what health situation they may be experiencing.
  • We promote independence: We believe that people are at their best when they can function to the maximum extent of their capacity. That’s why we always tailor the level of support to your level. If you need our help, it is there, but if you don’t, you’re free to live on your terms.
  • We protect your privacy: Living in a community can sometimes challenge your right to privacy, but at Allegria Village, we’re on your side. Just like you, we value privacy and ensure that any assistance you receive is done in a manner that is suitable for you.
  • We involve your family: We believe in radical openness and transparency as part of our nursing home practice. That’s why family and friends are always welcome to join in conversations about your care decisions. Where possible, we avoid making decisions unilaterally.
  • We allow for individual choices and lifestyles: Our community doesn’t regiment people into specific lifestyles. Instead, you (or your loved one) are free to indulge in a range of passions available through us. We believe that life is for living.

If you’re interested in getting a place at our nursing home in Elmstead, then book a tour. See for yourself how we do things differently. Call us today for more information!