Nursing Home in Elmwood ParkWhen it comes to short-term or long-term care, it makes sense to be in an environment where you can enjoy living in comfortable surroundings coupled with expert nursing care. If you need a nursing home in Elmwood Park, the number one choice is Allegria Village.

We provide unique, tailored solutions for each resident. What’s more, all our residents have access to a comprehensive array of on-site healthcare professionals 24 hours a day.

Our community offers everyone a warm and welcoming environment.

What’s To Expect Allegria Village Nursing Home In Elmwood?

As an established and top-rated nursing home in Elmwood Park, Allegria Village offers short-term and long-term care facilities provided by a friendly and professional nursing team. We give all residents the care they need in a safe and supportive environment.

Our community is nothing like the nursing homes of the past. We offer residents tailored solutions designed from the ground up, supported by licensed physicians and nurses, and a comfortable, luxurious environment that feels just like home.

Licensed Physicians On-Site Specializing In Eldercare

At Allegria Village, we have over twenty licensed physicians on hand to provide residents with direct access to the care and support services they need whenever they need it. Plus, that care and support get delivered in a safe and dignified setting.

Some residents only stay with us for a short time, while others have longer-term needs. In any case, Allegria Village is a nursing home in Elmwood Park that provides each resident a personalized care plan that meets their specific care needs for as long as they need them.

Therapies and Rehabilitation Services

Our physicians and licensed nursing care team offer all residents access to unparalleled therapies and rehabilitation. While such treatments are a physical journey, we also recognize that it’s an emotional one too.

That’s why we offer all residents many ways to help them cope with the uncertainty of starting therapies and rehabilitation.

Some examples include providing computers and Wi-Fi connectivity to stay in touch with loved ones and options like educational classes, volunteering, and senior living programs like meditation.

Amenatities Like Gourmet Dining

It’s no secret that food is part of the experience at a nursing home in Elmwood Park, like Allegria Village. That’s why we take pride in our gourmet dining and provide all residents with meal plans tailored to their individual dietary and medical needs.

As a resident, you can choose to eat your meals in the sanctitude of your room, or you can enjoy them with other residents in our spacious dining areas.

Customizable Private Suites

Allegria Village is a nursing home in Elmwood Park spread across 35 acres of land. While it offers plenty of space for relaxing, entertaining family, and enjoying various activities, it also boasts a wide array of private suites for short and long-term residents.

Residents can choose from studio, one or two-bedroom homes within the Allegria Village campus that best meet their needs.

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Allegria Village is a nursing home like no other. To take a tour of our campus, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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