Nursing Home in Pleasant Park
The Nursing Home in Pleasant Park is the perfect place for families to get their loved ones when they require care. This home has been around since 1975 and was one of the first homes built in this area. We offer 24-hour nursing care, so if your family member needs help at any time, they can receive it. The facility offers;

  • A dining hall where residents have three meals every day.
  • A room set up with board games for residents who want to play some cards or just enjoy other activities.

About Allegria Village

Allegria Village is a nursing home in Pleasant Park that has received several awards for excellence. Over the past two decades, Allegria’s staff of nurses and doctors have provided excellent care. In addition, Allegria also provides an onsite pharmacy which allows residents with medication needs more ease of mind. Finally, each resident has their room fully equipped with a bathroom and a TV set up.

Benefits of Assisted Living

There are several benefits to living in an assisted living facility. To name a few, seniors will have their care needs met, and they can enjoy meals that meet nutritional requirements. They also have access to recreation activities, including physical fitness programs, outings, and even music nights, where they come together for fun bonding experiences. They will also receive assistance doing daily activities, including bathing, dressing, and grooming themselves.

Services Offered in Our Nursing Home

There are many services offered in our Nursing Home in Pleasant Park. Some of these include dining and bathing assistance, 24-hour care, and medical supervision for patients who cannot take medicine or perform physical tasks independently. There are also social activities such as bingo games, music events, and church gatherings available at the facility.

Staff members are also on-site to help with transportation. When it comes time for a resident’s care, health care, or medical needs, the nursing home has staff who can assist 24/7.

Facilities To Find in the Nursing Home

It is crucial to find a nursing home that has the proper facilities for your loved one. This way, they can get all of their needs met and receive high-quality care throughout their stay. Here are a few different types of facilities you can find in our Nursing Home in Pleasant Park:

Hospital Room: This is for those in need of extensive care. The staff will be able to tend to all their needs and have full access 24/7. You can also opt for this room if you’re looking for something more private as we do not allow any other visitors besides family members.

Special Care Unit: This is perfect for those who need extra support because of their physical or cognitive disabilities.
Assisted Living Unit: This is perfect for those who are able to live on their own, but need a little bit of help with daily tasks.

Why Choose the Nursing Home in Pleasant Park

As a top-rated nursing home in Pleasant Park, we offer our residents the best possible care and encourage each of them to live active lifestyles. In addition, we offer many amenities that make us one of the best neighborhood nursing homes and provide comfort for those living here.

Schedule a Tour

The best way to discover the facilities at our nursing home is by taking a tour. No matter what day of the week you are available, we will be able to accommodate your schedule for an in-person experience. All tours are completely free and each resident has their own private room equipped with high quality amenities that they can customize to fit their precise needs.


The Nursing Home in Pleasant Park is a real gem of the community. There are many great features that make it stand out, but none more significant than its kind staff who truly cares about its residents. We designed the facility with the comfort and happiness of our residents in mind. It has all the amenities you might find at home, plus much more. Anyone looking for a place to live should strongly consider this nursing home when making their decision. Call us today for more information!

Nursing Home in Pleasant Park