Nursing Home in Poletown East

Nursing is all about around-the-clock, everyday care. We provide one of the best nursing services in our Nursing Home in Poletown East. Our residents are not seen as customers, but as incredibly valuable members of our community.

We know that your loved ones were once upon a time, energetic, active and always ready to take on any new challenge. But we age, we begin to slow down; we begin to require support for everyday things. We want you and your loved one to rest assured that we have the finest expertise in nursing.

Here are just some of the things we offer.

Why Choose Allegria Village Senior Living Home?

Our skilled nursing home in Poletown East is one of the best in the country and we don’t have an issue saying so. Our skilled nursing is split into short-term and long-term care. This is for a variety of needs, specifically geared towards the individual.

All of our nurses not only have the top industry qualifications in nursing, but they are also trusted. We make sure they have exceptional knowledge, great empathy and they can personalize their care for each and every resident who is in our care.

We Specialize In Long-term Care For Seniors

Many people who are entering into a nursing home would like long-term care. We completely understand the emotional and practical sides and here are just a few of the things we provide.

  • Private suites. All of our residents have their own suites, space and room to breathe. Sometimes they may want to be by themselves and have privacy. We assure you this will be no issue at all.
  • All the meals are tailored. Each resident has different tastes, allergies and nutritional requirements, so we always provide custom dietary plans.
  • 24-hour nursing. We provide professional, confident and compassionate care for our residents, 7 days a week without missing a beat.
  • Life-enriching activities. All our residents enjoy an active lifestyle, whether it’s being physical or mental.
  • There is daily housekeeping to make sure suites are clean and fresh each day.
  • Medical monitoring. The medication provided will for the individual and that also means careful specific monitoring.

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In our on-site medical care center, we have over 20 physicians; as well as specialists available just for our residents. All of the healthcare plans made by our professionals will be personalized to the individual. The long-term care we provide is always going to be tailored.

So if your loved one has a particular condition, nursing will be designed to care for that specific condition. This will coincide with the medication plan and the overall therapy, activities, and daily nursing care. The comprehensive care that is on offer in our nursing home in Poletown East is loved by the majority of our residents and customers for good reason.

If you would like to know more about our nursing home care in Poletown East, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would like nothing more than to help you and your loved one feel comfortable and confident in us.