Nursing Home in South Woodslee

As an assisted living facility, we’re here to support you. And whether you’re interested in finding a room for a loved one, or you’d love to move into a community filled with people just like you, Allegria Village has a lot to offer.

You can find our professional and friendly staff around the Village all day and night long, but you’ll still be able to do what you’d like with the people you love.

After all, Allegria Village is all about independence, and having the freedom to live your own life and make your own choices. It’s why we’ve refined our nursing services to the level we offer them; if more traditional nursing home routes don’t suit you, we’d love you to know about our own nursing home services.

Why Choose Allegria Village Senior Living Home?

As an assisted living facility, we’re a nursing home in South Woodslee that has everything you need to live an independent and happy life.

As we like to put it, we’re a nursing home with a difference; we’re here to provide the care you need, but without compromising your daily routine. We want you to be in control, and our skilled nurses are trained to uphold your voice and make it the center of your personalized care plan.

Tailored, Personalized Senior Living Facilities In South East Michigan

Our nurses are here to support you, meaning we can make changes guided by you to maintain your current quality of life.

Whether you need your diet adjusting, or new enrichment activities on your plate, or you simply need help in taking medication in the morning, we can step in to provide that bit of care that makes life easier. Over 20 physicians and specialist care nurses are on site at all times, so you’ll never have to wait around for an appointment.

We can come to you when you need us, and leave when you want to go about your day again. And whether you’re staying short term or long term, this is what we do!

For Nursing Home in South Woodslee, MI – Schedule A Tour Today!

If you’d like to check out our Nursing Home in South Woodslee for yourself, be sure to get in touch to schedule a tour with us. We’d love to get to meet you, and for you to get to know how we run our facility.

Allegria Village is here to assist those who need just a little extra care during this period of their life, and we want you to be sure you’ve moving into the right village. We want you to be sure that our nursing home facilities are right for your needs, and let you take a proper look at what we can do for you or a loved one.

So, if you’d like to schedule a tour, visit our contact page on our website. You can use our online form to leave us your name and number and request to take a look around, or you can call us on (877) 660-1807 to speak to one of our dedicated service workers.