Why Friends Matter
A study by Gallup showed if you hang around people having a nutritious and healthy mindset, you are more than five times as likely to have a very healthy diet yourself.

  • Scientists have found that being lonely is more dangerous than air pollution, obesity, or excessive drinking.
  • Individuals who are not lonely have as many problems as lonely people. But when you’re lonely, the problems faced stress you more and for a longer time. People with active social groups are able to move past stress faster. It’s believed that their friends make that possible.
  • When an individual stresses, their friends remind them of their value, giving the person the ability to quickly move out of feeling negative.
    Friendship is the leading factor of happiness.
  • We learn to make friends accidentally. No one, not even our parents, teach us how to do it.

Friendships can’t be looked at as either black or white; either we are best friends forever, or not at all. Holding a hard and fast rule about friendships will hurt you. Try to focus on ranges of friendships from acquaintances, to very casual, to very close. Having a broad and interesting social circle is key to happiness. With casual friends, your investment of time and energy is just smaller, and you share less intimate information.

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