Retirement Community in New Cente
Getting older doesn’t mean that you should stop living your life. When retirement comes around, you might find yourself feeling bored. So what can you do? Finding like-minded people can be tough at any age, but at our retirement village, you can meet plenty of new people.

What to expect

When people talk about retirement villages, they like to conjure up visions of prisons filled with elderly people watching black and white TV. We don’t doubt that this is the case in some centres, but in our village, you can have total freedom. Being in our village does not mean that you have to give up all of your freedoms and the things that you enjoy. The difference is that the campus is designed with ageing in mind. The noticeable difference is the medical staff who are on-site to help with any medical needs which might appear.

A summer camp that never ends

When you retire, you might have the chance to do all of those things that you wanted to do. All of those hobbies that you whispered to yourself “one day” have been waiting for you. In our village, we have over 150 different clubs that cater to everyone’s skill sets. Everyday holds new possibilities and new things to be discovered. You can relax in our gardens or get stuck in with everyone else on a new project. The life that you will live in our village is like a summer camp that never ends. We even have day trips which you can enjoy with other residents.

Freedom to choose

Freedom is a big thing in our village and we encourage people to flex their freedoms at all times. Not only do you have freedom of movement, but we also have freedom of speech. We regularly offer the chance to make your voice heard about the running of the village. As far as we know, this is something that is unheard of in some centres. A retirement village should not be a prison and we will support your freedom to choose how you live your life every day. This includes activities and the medical care that you may receive if needed.

Why choose a retirement village?

We hate to say it but retirement villages offer a type of peace that you cannot get anywhere else. We are sure that your neighbour is lovely, but what if someone new moves in and doesn’t respect your street in the same way it has been treated in the past? Retirement villages are filled with people who are looking to spend their retirement years in peace. This does not mean that you are cut off from the world, but you have a peaceful place to enjoy your retirement after working hard for your entire life.

If you are interested in what New Cente can offer you, we would be happy to give you a tour of the village and you can see for yourself that life can begin at retirement. Contact us today!

Retirement Community at New Cente