Retirement Community in Klondyke

The Klondyke Retirement Community is where seniors can come to live in a comfortable and safe environment. Located in the scenic area of North Carolina, this community has both;

  • Assisted living.
  • Memory care options for those who need them.

The staff at Klondyke are experts when it comes to senior health, so you don’t have to worry about your loved one while they’re here. In addition to excellent services, there are also amenities that residents enjoy, such as an on-site restaurant with delicious food and well-maintained grounds with lots of trees. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to move into a Retirement Community in Klondyke.

Which Services Will You Get From the Retirement Community?

This retirement community offers a wide range of services and amenities. It has a fitness center, an indoor pool, sauna, and hot tub so that residents can have fun bonding with each other. In addition, the Retirement community holds many activities, especially on holidays such as Easter Sunday appreciation lunch or Christmas dinner celebration, where all members of the family can join in.

This Retirement Community in Klondyke has a movie theater, game room, and library for residents to indulge in during their leisure time. The facility also offers senior citizen services like blood pressure monitoring or medical checkup every month with the help of professional nurses to ensure they are healthy throughout their stay.

The Retirement community provides transportation service from and to the city area so that residents can have fun shopping with their friends or family during weekends.

All these services are under a one-time entrance fee, covering all your needs while living in this retirement community.

Now that you know what services the Retirement Community in Klondyke offers, are you ready to move in? The management is accepting new applications and waiting for your call. Get started now.

Which Facilities Do They Have?

The Retirement Community in Klondyke offer a wide range of amenities, including

  • Indoor and outdoor pools.
  • Yoga studios with on-site instructors.
  • Gardens for residents to walk through or tend during the warmer months.

Residences have triple glazing windows, central gas heating, and water treatment systems that provide drinking quality water throughout the community. Klondyke also has a hairdressing salon called the ‘Boulevard Hair Salon,’ an in-house maintenance team, and a 24-hour emergency call-out system.

This community has a library filled with books and magazines. In the lounge room, there are bowling alleys and pool tables which are free to use. Furthermore, there is a café that offers cooking classes and afternoon teas and a supermarket for all of your shopping needs. In addition, the community has an on-site restaurant called ‘The Klondyke Club’ that provides seniors with three meals daily at affordable prices. All these facilities make sure that life at Klondyke is as convenient and comfortable as possible for the occupants.

Benefits of This Retirement Community?

Retirement Community in Klondyke is the best place for seniors looking for a second home. It offers benefits that can help you enjoy your retirement life fully. Here are some of the reasons why choosing this community as your next residence will benefit you.

Senior citizens will have a chance to live in this community for free. This way, you can save money to spend on other essential things such as travel and entertainment. In addition, you do not need to pay any rent or monthly maintenance fees because the facility’s amenities are already part of the yearly membership fee that you need to pay upon joining this community.

You can also enjoy access to the clubhouse, where you can socialize with senior citizens from different parts of town and around the world. In addition, the center offers games, entertainment shows, fitness sessions, fine dining restaurants, and much more.

This facility is highly accessible since it is amid hospitals that specialize in medical care for the elderly. You can also access other facilities such as grocery stores, malls, and much more to satisfy your needs during your retirement years.


As you can see, Klondyke is a perfect location for any retiree or senior citizen. It has all of the amenities that one would need, including golf courses, healthcare facilities, and excellent weather conditions throughout the year. If you are interested in finding out more about this beautiful community, make sure to visit our website today.