There is this thought that is quite common amongst families that once you hit a certain age you must retire. Well, we aren’t going to push you away or towards that thought. What we will do however is give you the proper tools to decide whether or not you want to join the retirement community in Saint Joachim. Allegria Village located at 15101 Ford Road, Dearborn is the next big thing for those who want to down size after a life style change.

You won’t feel like a retiree, instead you will be left feeling like a a billion bucks once you step into the beautiful gated private community. With the large amount of daily activities to choose from or clubs to join you will never feel bored or lonely. It is just not possible here at The Village. You will find that our campus is full of life and excitement. The all season swimming pool can be used for down time or practice for your pool aerobics. We also have on site a salon where you can be pampered with massages or a new hair do. Come join and make new friends on our putting greens for a friendly round of golf. Or relax in our library where you can find pretty much any sort of genre you are interested in.

On-Site Medical Center

Not only will you be living your best life with your personal needs, but you will also have your medical needs met as well. Here at Allegria Village we have staffed a fine group of medical professionals you will find around the area. Our on-site medical center offers support for routine and acute care with over 20 physicians’ and specialists available. Also you will find that we are able to coordinate the personalized care plans that are tailored to individual needs if this is something you will need.

The retirement Community in Saint Joachim deserve a comfortable and secure atmosphere when it comes to living either alone or just downsizing after you are committed to a retirement plan. We have on site security and the latest state of the art security system set up for all locations on Campus. You will not feel like a caged animal or any form of invasion of privacy. We have everything set up accordingly to prevent anyone from feeling the tiniest violated by our security measures. But please should there be any concerns do not hesitate on letting us know so we can rectify it at once.

Schedule a Tour

Our Campus is open for a private tour, so please take advantage of this! Simply give us a call at (877) 660-1807 to set up a date and time that will fit your schedule along with ours. We will do our best to accommodate you with your time frame you may prefer. One of our professional and friendly staff members is at the ready to help you, if you end up leaving a voicemail however, please note that a staff member will return your call in a timely manner. We can not wait to see you!