Senior Community in Lakeshore
Getting old doesn’t have to mean that you can’t get the most out of life. People of all ages should be able to enjoy themselves, and the place you call home as you get into later life can play a significant role in the way you feel. Allegria Village Senior Community in Lakeshore is a great place for those looking for a change in old age. Not only can we provide a comfortable and friendly environment, but we also offer dedicated healthcare and support to all of our residents.

Your New Home

Unlike many care homes, Allegria Village has been built with homeliness at its heart. All of our residents are able to enjoy properties that make them feel at home, while also providing when with plenty of choices. Picking from more than 40 floorplans and room sizes, along with being able to dictate their own decor, our residents can get the most out of their new home without having to compromise in the process.

Our Facilities & Services

Many of our rooms come with small kitchens, but residents don’t need to cook if they don’t want to. We offer gourmet food to all of our residents, tailoring their meals to their individual preferences and providing incredible service. Alongside this, we also have a gym, communal areas, and a range of other facilities to make life relaxing and entertaining. Our on-site doctors and memory experts are always ready to offer a helping hand with your health.

Life In A Community

Living in a community can be a good way to make life better in old age. Not only will there be more people to talk to around you, but you will also benefit from the chance to get involved with community events and activities. This can be great for those with memory issues, offering the chance to stimulate the mind and create new memories. Of course, though, you don’t need to have a condition like Alzheimer’s to benefit from being around friendly and happy people.

Events, Entertainment, and Socialization

As a big part of our senior community in Lakeshore, we work hard to keep everyone entertained and enjoying their time together. This starts with large events that are planned on a regular basis, alongside shared eating and communal areas. Even learning can be done together, with regular classes offering a host of different skills that will further improve memory and physical treatments.

As you can see, moving to a place like Allegria Village Senior Community in Lakeshore can be a very good choice for those who are experiencing challenges in later life. You can overcome the issues you face with the right support, and we are here to provide everything you need to get started with it. We encourage anyone who is interested in our community to book a complimentary tour.


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