When you place your loved one in a care home, you want to be sure that there is a friendly senior community in Lincoln Park that will be both welcoming and friendly.

It can be difficult for your loved one to get used to living alone again, particularly after their partner or spouse has passed away. So the ability to make friends and be able to be socially active with members of the community that are the same age is important to us here at Lincoln Park.

Tailored, Specialized Senior Living Facilities In South East Michigan

We try to accommodate your wishes as much as possible so that your loved one can be placed in accomodation that is suitable for their physical and social needs.  You can rest assured that the senior community in Lincoln Park is both welcoming and friendly, but also socially active, which is important if your loved one is still physically able to participate in certain events.

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Dont Wait! Get in contact with us today to arrange a visit so that you can meet members of the senior community for yourself and see how happy they are living here.