Allegria Village Assisted Living Community

Senior Community in South Woodslee
As an assisted living community, Allegria Village is here to help out with you in the hot seat. We provide round the clock support to those who need it, but we’re also keen to help you retain the independence that makes life so fun and free.

Allegria Village has been long known to provide the kind of self-directed opportunities no traditional nursing or care home ever could. So if you’re someone in South Woodslee who’s looking to live your best life in your senior years, there’s a lot we can do for you!

After all, just because we’re a senior community doesn’t mean we’re down and dreary – so many residents have moved in to take advantage of the freedom and choice we offer as a senior living village.

Working with a Senior Community

Village life at our senior community in South Woodslee is easy going, relaxed, and focused on the neighborly spirit. We prioritize taking care of the body, mind, and spirit in equal relation, and that means we offer many different social activities for you to sign up to. We want our residents to feel like they belong to the community, and can take part in it freely.

We want all residents to feel confident, both in themselves and their choices, and that’s why we offer as many on site amenities as we do. If you want to invite the family around, feel free to do so, and spend the day with the Grandkids in our lovely gardens! You can also find support at all times from our staff, if you need to talk about anything, from the emotional to the physical to even just wanting a friendly chat.

We also focus on your residents’ individual healthcare needs, and provide many different avenues for looking after themselves. From being able to exercise to their own abilities, as well as choose their own meals according to their dietary needs, there really is something for everyone here at Allegria Village.

Take a Tour

Here at Allegria Village, we have a supportive and understanding Senior Community in South Woodslee, and we’re always happy to take in new members. If you or someone you love is in need of a little extra care now the senior years have come along, we’d love to hear about your needs.

And if you tell us what we can do for you, we can show you just how much we care with a tour of our assisted living facilities. We’ll be happy to show you around our senior community village, and even introduce you to a few of our current residents that you might one day call neighbors.

Get in touch with us via our online form, and simply leave us a message asking about tour availabilities and the best dates for you. Similarly, you can also call us on (877) 660-1807 to be put through directly – someone is always on the other end of the line waiting to take your call.


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