Senior Community in Wyandotte
The Wyandotte Senior Community is a great place to retire. It has everything you could want and need with lots of extra space for your hobbies or family activities. In addition, our community offers many amenities, including an on-site beauty salon, library, fitness center, game room with pool tables and shuffleboard courts, medical services by appointment, and more. With all these amenities available in one location, it’s easy to stay active and social while enjoying life in our senior living community.

Our Care Principles

A key tenet of our care philosophy is to provide a home away from home for seniors. We accomplish this by allowing residents to live in a safe, comfortable setting that offers amenities and services to meet their needs. Our community care principles are to;

Treat Each Resident With Dignity and Respect

We believe in treating each resident with dignity and respect. Our residents come from all walks of life, but they’re just like you – a person who has lived their whole life and accomplished so much before deciding to live out their retirement years here at Wyandotte Senior Community. We want every day spent living among us to be as happy and fulfilling as possible.

Each of our residents is an individual with a unique personality and interests. That’s why we offer so many different activities, daily events, and plenty more to make them feel special in every way. From movie nights to fishing trips or card games, there are always outings we can take advantage of together! We also believe that everyone should live life to the fullest, so we encourage socialization and have plenty of room for our residents to mingle with one another.

Promote Independence and Individuality for Each Resident

The Senior Community in Wyandotte is an excellent place for seniors to live and enjoy their retirement years. We provide a variety of services to keep our residents active, healthy, and happy. Providing personalized care while respecting individual preferences is essential in creating independence and individuality within the community. Whether it’s hosting activities, providing transportation, or helping to prepare meals, we are committed to the well-being of our residents.

Allow for Individual Choices for Care and Lifestyle

At the Wyandotte Senior Community, we understand that each person has different needs. That’s why we offer a variety of services and amenities to meet your individual lifestyle needs and preferences. Our staff is committed to providing quality care in a safe environment with plenty of space for you to grow at your own pace. You’ll enjoy an array of activities, plus the freedom to explore your interests, all within a secure and comforting environment.

Protect Resident Rights To Privacy

At Senior Community in Wyandotte , we want to make sure that our residents are able to live their daily lives without worrying about privacy. So we’ve made it a point of honor and responsibility to abide by the law and go beyond for residents to feel safe and respected.

Involve Family Members and Friends in Care Decisions

At Senior Community in Wyandotte, we believe that families and friends should play an active role in our residents’ care decisions. Therefore, we make it easy for family members to get involved with their loved ones to stay connected, including scheduled phone calls, weekly visits, daily emails on their progress, and frequent in-person visits.

Why Join Us?

The Wyandotte Senior Community is an excellent place for seniors, 60 years and older, to be with others their own age. There are many amenities available to members such as: an activity center, library, fitness room and more. We also host all sorts of events including: our annual dinner dance in February featuring live music, a fashion show, and silent auction, and the annual Mother’s Day Luncheon with guest speakers and door prizes. We hope you will visit us soon!


The Senior Community in Wyandotte is an excellent place for seniors to live and thrive. There are plenty of options when it comes to housing, healthcare needs, social opportunities, and more! With so many outstanding services available in this town, you’ll never be bored living here. Call us today to schedule a tour!

Senior Community in Wyandotte