At Allegria Village when we talk about nursing and medical care one word comes to mind: trustworthy. With our skilled nursing in Fairlane, you will never have the worry that the care you are receiving is anything less than optimal. At Allegria Village we offer around the clock medical care in an empathetic environment where our medical staff can truly help with the health needs of our residents in a way that will help you get to a place of good health and comfort.

Long and Short Term Care

Allegria Village’s skilled nursing in Fairlane offers both long-term and short-term care for our residents. We know that everyone is on their own journey to wellness and no two people heal or reach their health goals at the same speed. We are patient and always available to help you get well and stay well. Some of our residents may be recovering from surgery and only require a short-term rehabilitation plan to get back on their feet. Our medical team offers physical therapy to help get joints and the body back to moving normally. We also offer medication management for those residents who are recovering from illness and have been prescribed certain medications to get better fast and completely. We will never direct you wrong and we will always be available to answer any and all questions you may have about your health and your recovery.

Personalized Regiment

For those patients who will need care for the foreseeable future, Allegria Village’s skilled nursing staff will care for you for as long as you need our care. We will build a personalized regiment for you that will keep you feeling comfortable and keep you feeling aware and clear. Our nurses have the expertise to know exactly what course of action needs to be taken every day in order to help you the most. We will always check in with you first and explain everything to you so that you are never left in the dark regarding your own care.

What makes our skilled nursing in Fairlane so effective is that we treat every situation and resident with empathy. You will never have to wonder if we are unaware of what you are feeling and what you are going through. We see every resident as a unique individual who needs specialized care no matter what their ailment. We know that your health is relative to yourself and that no two residents should ever be compared to each other or treated as if they respond to treatment the same. That’s why the path we build for you to full comfort is tailor made. Your needs are your needs and we seek to meet them.

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The best part of the care you will receive at Allegria Village is the part where our staff is located on the premises at all times. Help is never far away. Inquire about our services today and speak to a representative about the options available to you when living at Allegria Village. Give yourself the gift of health.

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