Skilled Nursing in Ruscom StationIf you are someone you love are looking for Skilled Nursing in Ruscom Station, look no further than Allegria Village. We are located at 15101 Ford Road in Dearborn. You will be amazed and left in disbelief as you come take the journey with us during your new lifestyle.

The Skilled Nursing program we have designed for you as a resident is top-notch and can be classified as unique. Our dedicated, skilled, and licensed nursing professionals are at the ready for anything that may be put into their path. The empathy and compassion that pours out of them is extraordinary and is not something that can be taught, which is why we are proud to call them employees here at Allegria Village.

What Does a Skilled Nursing Facility Entail?

What you will find at Allegria Village if you are in need of Skilled Nursing in Ruscom Station is your new home. The Village was created as an establishment for you to come and relax during this new stage in life.

Never again will you feel the burdens of everyday life hassles such as cleaning your home, or doing laundry, or even cooking! Let us take care of those things for you as we offer house keeping, laundry service, and a grand dining hall.

Tailored, Specialized Senior Living Facilities In South East Michigan

Our goals for your long-term stay are simple, realistic and designed with each residents comfort trust level in mind. We will have a personalized care plan tailored to meet each resident’s unique needs. There will be medication monitoring and administration, if applicable. There is 24-hour nursing care provided by healthcare professionals, 7 days a week.

Meal plans tailored to individual dietary and medical needs. You will also have the ability to choose from 3 different private suite floor plans. There is always some sort of activity taking place, so you will never be bored.

The Campus is also gated and has a top of the line security team monitoring the entrance and exit all day every day. Not only is your health care important to us, but your protection and safety is as well.

Discover Comprehensive Nursing Care Near South East Michigan

Our on-site medical center offers support for routine and acute care with over 20 physicians’ and specialists available, while still being in full contact with your normal physicians and specialist.

Having everything at the tip of your fingers is what separates us from most private retirement/senior living communities. You have joined our family to relax and unwind as you are being taken care of at the same time.

Find Skilled Nursing in Ruscom, MI – Schedule Tour Today!

If you are in need of Skilled Nursing at Ruscom Station and you are curious about what else Allegria Village has to offer you, please give us a call at (877) 660-1807. Ask about scheduling a private tour of the Campus.

Also, ask about the special pricing that is available for Short Term and Trial Stays. Come get the firsthand experience of all Allegria Village can do for you or your loved one.

We are here to help in any manner we are able to. Call now!

Skilled Nursing in Ruscom Station