Skilled Nursing in Troy

Have you been looking for skilled nursing in the Troy area? Then look no further than Allegria Village. Here at Allegria, our skilled nurses are what drives out service within our independent, assisted living facilities.

With the ability to access round-the-clock care, our nurses are the frontline for helping our residents.

What Does a Skilled Nursing Facility Entail?

At Allegria, we don’t see our residents as patients or clients; we see them as extensions of our families. This means that we care for them with only the best services and care.

We aren’t the biggest assisted living facility within the United States for giving our residents any less. We are extremely proud that all of our nurses are professionally trained and are there to manage any ailments, no matter how small or large. The passion our nurses have for their job is something to be admired.

Our nurses build long-lasting relationships with our residents by creating personalised care plans for each resident. These can change over time with the suggestions of our on-site team of over 30 clinicians covering; audiology to cardiology and podiatry.

We are very lucky that such caring and compassionate health care professionals want to work within our facilities, meaning our residents get almost immediate access to skilled individuals.

Tailored, Specialized Senior Living Facilities In South East Michigan

Our skilled nursing facilities at Allegria offer short or long term residency. This can be for a rehabilitation period, or long term care and support. We respond to the individual needs of every one of our residents, which is something we are very proud of as a company.

We have many plans in place for all our residents which they are free to choose from daily. This includes a large selection of activities run by professionals.

There is also the ability to take classes and learn new skills. We aim to know our residents and provide activities that they are interested in.  Although we are an independent living facility, we want to give our residents the best and most enriched lives that we can, which is a unique factor within our facilities.

Further to this, we believe that food can improve the body from the inside out. Therefore, we provide healthy gourmet meals for our residents to choose from. These meals can be following a doctor-led plan or be tailored to individual wants and needs.

Allegria Village Ensures All Medical Needs Fulfilled

Security is inevitably a concern for many when choosing a safe place for their family member or friend, therefore we ensure that all of our facilities are secure. We achieve this by employing onsite security staff and all our facilities are set within an exclusive gated community.

This means that every one of our residents is allowed to live safe, secure life, which is our priority.

Find Skilled Nursing in Troy – Schedule Tour Today!

As skilled nursing in Troy is developing, we welcome tours of our facilities to allow you to make the right decision for your loved ones.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a tour, please contact us with the form on our website or feel free to call and speak to a team member.

Skilled Nursing in Troy