Senior Community in New Cente
The senior years of your life have the potential to be some of the best of your life. After the age of 55, you may find that your want to wind things down and experience life at a slower pace. With the kids moved out and everyone moving on with their own lives, maybe it is time that you took some time for yourself and joined a community that will support your needs.

What is a senior community?

The senior community at our New Cente village is focused on independent living and supporting those people how may have or develop additional needs. Being a senior does not mean are retired. In fact, if you can continue to work as long as you feel able to. We believe that that you should retain as much independence as possible but still feel supported by the community that you live in.

What are the benefits?

The benefits that come from living in our senior community is a very long list! From the facilities on-site in New Cente to the maintenance-free grounds that you have to enjoy, there is plenty that will make senior living enjoyable. Some of the biggest perks that our current residents have listed are-

  • The sense of community with the village – living in a senior community allows people to connect in a way that is not possible within a regular neighborhood. Many of our members have reported that they have a better sense of wellbeing after they have connected with other people within the community and have created new friendships.
  • The support services that are available – we know that your senior years may be challenging, this is why we have a range of facilities to help you if you require extra care.
  • Maintenance-free living – maintenance-free does not mean that you cannot do anything but it is good to know that if you are having an off day, one of our maintenance crew can help you with anything, including changing the bulbs.
  • They feel safe and secure – the village is a gated community with a 24-hour security team. This provides a level of protection that you don’t get with other places.
  • The choice of accommodation – within the village, there is a selection of floor plans to choose from. These range from the studio plan to the two-bedroom plan. Every one of the living areas can be tailored and personalised to suit you and your needs.
  • An active lifestyle – We have a large range of activities that are available to our residents. These include everything from yoga to model building clubs. There is a full calendar of activities which is posted every month.
  • Retirement is optional – living in our village does not mean that you need to be retired.

If you are interested in what our village can do for you in New Cente, we are more than happy to give you a tour of the village so that you can see first-hand what to expect from our senior living experience is like. Contact us today!

The Senior Community at New Cente